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Mission Statement

For the children is to feel happy and secure at Nursery, to feel good about themselves, to respect each other and their surroundings, to develop independence and to grow in confidence, to feel enthusiastic about life and learning, to develop an enquiring mind and a spirit of curiosity, to learn from and appreciate each other’s differences and to become individuals who care and share.

We strive to provide a happy, safe, and welcoming environment where learning comes naturally with all opportunities. Good communication shared purpose, responsibility, and effective use of resources to develop confident, motivated, and respectful life-long learners. Our ambition is to be an integral part of your child’s early years journey and help you achieve their full potential.

Your child will always come first. We recognise you as their first educators, and with that in mind, we nurture our relationships with your child and you as a family. We value and treat each individual with regard and embrace their diversity with esteem.

Child-led learning is the centre of our work; we know that children and adults flourish best in a welcoming and inclusive environment with appropriate learning opportunities. Our carefully prepared indoor environment and outdoor experiences aim to provide a variety of early experiences, enabling them to achieve while enjoying themselves.

To foster healthy lifestyles and set robust foundations for your child to explore adventure, ignite their imaginations, make lasting relationships, and meaningful memories before progressing to the next phase of their educational journey!

We will continuously carry on setting standards in childcare and inspiring children through exciting ways to learn and develop.