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All of our policies are available upon special request. Please call the office to inquire.

All our prices are bespoke to suit the needs of the parents and the child.

Please book a visit to have a service tailored to your specific needs on the day of your visit.

Partnership with Parents

Since we know that parents are a ‘child’s first and most enduring educators’ we have a sincere commitment to working cooperatively with you. Forming a partnership with you is essential for us to plan effectively for a child’s care, learning, and development. The two-way sharing of information is key to this. The nursery team welcomes parents as partners and endeavours to build a relationship upon trust and understanding.

It is essential that we, as secondary educators, can support parents openly and sensibly. Opportunities for talking to you about your child’s development take place on an almost daily basis. We wish to ensure that you are an integral part of the care and early learning team within the nursery. We involve you from the beginning of the admissions process, settling-in, daily chats, and sharing resources and social events. And, continue to update you through our Day share and Tapestry online learning journals.

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Glorious Food

We understand the fundamentals of food and nutrition. Like you, we believe that a healthy and balanced diet is essential to every child’s development and growth. We create healthy eating habits and instill an early appreciation of foods from around the world. Our experienced Nursery Chef will devise the menu accordingly. The menu will rotate on a three-weekly cycle; it will meet individual dietary needs, parental preferences, and the various stages of weaning.

We use seasonal produce to make our meals varied and interesting throughout the year! We include servings of fresh fruits and vegetables at each snack time, and with each meal, protein-rich foods such as chicken, fish, and lentils are part of the daily offer! Food and healthy lifestyles are part of our everyday teaching and learning with children; our kitchen is intentionally situated in our toddler room to allow for a sensory experience as little minds begin discovering food glorious food!

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