Working in the early years sector reawakens many of my childhood memories, I remember learning about general safety and the local police officer visiting us at school. How teaching and learning has developed over the years, interactive with real resources…actually having the opportunity to explore the equipment and turn on the sirens…

Just recently we had a super-duper morning at the Hornsey Fire Station in Crouch End! Our budding pre-schoolers visited the station as part of our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic. Learning about these everyday superheroes during the weeks leading up to the visit made the trip all the more special!

The fabulous Red Watch team of firefighters encouraged the children during the tour of the station and fire engine. Their engaging relationship with the little ones quickly eliminated their fears as they slid down the firemen’s pole, explored the fire engine, used the water hoses and tested the extinguishers!

The delighted pre-schoolers and nursery staff team will look forward to returning to the station as the learning about their community and roles of ‘People Who Help Us’ continues…The handmade card and treats were appreciated by the firefighters as much as the pre-schoolers enjoyed making them!

The topic itself added to great learning and experiences, we noticed how the children were able to make connections between places and people within the local and wider communities and in their day to day lives. The subject begins to initiate life skills for the future and hopefully alleviate fears early on, educating young ones about a safe and supportive community surely helps!